English Department
Teacher: Mr. Gallivan
Welcome to your English class. This course promises to be challenging and engaging as we sharpen your writing skills, hone your analytical abilities, and increase your knowledge of the literary world.
At the bottom of this page you will find tabs to navigate to the page dedicated to your particular course. There you will find the curriculum expectations, content questions for the core texts, and other needed information. Make sure to keep up with all course readings and assignments.
Useful Links
Below are some useful links for all English students and their parents regardless of the grade or level in which they are enrolled. There will also be specific links for your course on the specific course page.
St. André Bessette Secondary School official website. Check here to keep informed about upcoming events and other useful information.
The London District Catholic School Board official website. Here you will find information about our entire district, information about board policies, links to bus delays and cancellations, and other useful information.
The Online Writing Lab (The OWL) at Purdue University. Simply the most detailed, easy to use, updated and overall best source I have found to help with formal essay writing. From the home page you can find guides for MLA and APA style formal writing, as well as help with grammar, sentence structure and subject specific writing. Alternatively, you may wish to go directly to The OWL's MLA page, which is the citation style used in the Ontario English Curriculum.

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